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The storms of life separate the cosmic sailors from the meek landlubbers. Look always to the Light and Sound of God within you, and you will always sail the cosmic sea.

Spiritual Wisdom on Conquering Fear by Harold Klemp


At some point in life you start to wonder what it all means. If you start looking seriously for the answer you will start to have realizations that take you outside of your physical consciousness and into new realizations. At some point the seeker is born and he will never be the same. Success is inevitable in the long run, but some may take a few weeks, years or lifetimes off during the process. I believe the secret to steady spiritual growth lies in learning the proper disciplines needed to keep one in balance. Those disciplines keep us from generating any new karma which is time consuming and bothersome to deal with. The way is simple, but it is not necessarily easy. The paradox is that we are the ones that make it difficult. I salute all who choose to sail the cosmic seas and discover for themselves the true nature of soul.


Would you like a simple way to improve your life? Easy and powerful - just Sing the word HU. Sing, then listen and watch inwardly for the Light and Sound of God. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. It works for all.

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